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orange Kool-Aide May 19, 2006

Posted by Ari Mir in cobundle news.
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Seeing as how "Getting Real" by 37signals changed my entire perspective on product development (yes i drink the Kool-Aide), I think it's time we have our first public (it's actually private) beta test. Our goal is to have something up by the end of the weekend.

So please email me if you are interested.


welcome to cobundle April 25, 2006

Posted by Ari Mir in cobundle news.

what is cobundle?

cobundle makes it easy for you to find new content feeds. sorry that’s all we can tell you for now 😉

how did cobundle come about?

six months ago i started a new job as a product manager at Shopzilla (awesome company by the way). as part of my job i began consuming more and more content. however, i soon realized there were people out there (like michael arrington, pete cashmore and fred wilson) with access to content from the “edge” i was unaware of and did not have the time to discover myself. out of pure necessity, cobundle was born.

i approached my friend paul walker, a talented software architect, and we are now a few weeks away from seeing cobundle become a reality.

unfortunately paul and i do not have many tech savvy friends (we’re from LA), so we will soon be posting a registration page in an attempt to find beta testers.

if you are a member of the online media and would like a demonstration of the product before the beta test, please email me with information about yourself.

thank you