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can’t we (RSS & Atom) all just get along April 26, 2006

Posted by Ari Mir in API.
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i recently came upon a great post: Introducing Feedcache: QOS for RSS

tucows recently made available an API for Feedcache. Feedcache harvests and normalizes feeds. developers can send a feed request to Feedcache and it will return the feed content. if the feed has never been requested, Feedcache will normalize the feed and make it available for future requests. Feedcache normalizes the feeds using Dave Winer's RSS 2.0 feed format.

at cobundle we have been developing something very similar (for internal use). i think Feedcache is definitely onto something. normalizing feed formats will become essential for content feeds to reach critical mass. however, i would expand the scope of the API to allow the developer to choose which feed format he/she would like to use.