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Don’t ask, don’t tell…RSS? June 12, 2006

Posted by Ari Mir in RSS.

Background: I owned a print publication for 3 years (thankfully no longer) and I am now working on cobundle, an RSS project (hello tech).

The amount of marketing dollars spent by an advertiser is directly proportional to a publisher’s circulation. Exceptions such as demographics and ad to copy ratios affect a publication’s rate card, but for the most part circulation is the name of the game.

So then why would online publishers fear RSS? For the same reason print publishers relish the archaic nature of newsstand distribution. That which is unknown cannot be proven. There is an understanding amongst publishers, I won’t ask you to prove your numbers if you don’t question mine.

A subscriber has always been more valuable than a reader/viewer, but a subscriber has always been more difficult to obtain. Online publishers do not want to admit their “true” loyalty numbers.